• Caro Rubido

Cydney Moreau - No.1

The inspiration for this look truly came from many different sources that all seem to have found a connection inside of my brain . When Daniela Escobar expressed to me that she wanted a plaid blazer as a part of this look my mind immediately shifted to Taylor Swift's folklore album aesthetic. As I immersed myself more into choosing which piece to use, I was drawn to memories of the film "The Graduate", and its sound-track. That 60's preppy boy vibe was really alive in me during the pulling process as I would skim clothing stores whilst listing to Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, and the song "American Pie" over and over ... and over again (which I have a theory is connected to the song "Betty" in Taylor Swift's folklore album - but I won't take you down that rabbit hole unless you want me to, so DM me if you're interested in knowing my theory).

Photographer: Daniela Escobar

Videographer: Adrian Colina

Hair Stylist: Iliana Belen

Make-up Artist: Carelia Isabel

Cydney is wearing a navy green and blue plaid blazer from Banana Republic, along with navy blue trousers. In order to add an edge to the look, I tucked the trousers into the Jessica Simpson leather ankle boots that I styled her in. Accessories are gold, as is the belt buckle.