I'm a creative professional with an eye for quality, specializing in Creative Direction , Design , Writing, Entertainment and Styling. I have been blessed to be able to grow in my career with the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented executives,  wardrobe stylists, directors, songwriters, producers, artists, photographers and creators in the entertainment industry today.

I have years of A&R expertise under my belt, both at Warner Music Group, as well as Universal Music. I worked in the A&R department of both labels working on music, albums, and the over all artistic development of the artists in their rosters. I have also been interviewed about many fashion and music topics for various publications, and have had my work featured on Vogue Italia. 


I am HEAVILY influenced by cultural moments in time that define the years as they go by, and those who have left a permanent mark on the history of pop culture. This ranges from designers, musicians, films, actors, artists, animation, and historical events that have shaped each passing era. If you want examples... send me a message and we can talk about it.

My passions include: Wardrobe Styling, Writing, Creative Development, Creative/Aesthetic Direction, and Comedy (yes ... comedy. Life is not meant to be taken seriously, if you do then you are probably really miserable). With talent, skill, discipline, and determination, my end goal is to make a difference and leave MY mark on pop culture through creative achievements.